Driver's license dilemma, how do I go about getting one now?

I'm 32 and don't have a driver's license, which is uncommon for where I live. I'm sick of being bugged about getting a DL, but it's a little complicated.

I took Driver's Ed in high school, but never got the practice permit or took the final test.

A few years after high school, I took a private Driver's Ed class, got the learner's permit, but never got around to going to the DMV for the rest of it.

Fast forward 9 years to now. How would I go about getting a driver's license? Would I have to take Driver'e Ed yet again? How would I deal with practicing driving without a permit? (You can't get one more than once, can you?) Is there any way I could go to my old driving school, get proof I finished the course, and go to the DMV to take the test?

I'm so confused!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Just walk in and apply for a license. You will take the written test, and they will issue a Learner's Permit. You are allowed to drive depending on your State with an 18, 21 or 25 year old.

    You will not need Drivers Education. If you have a friend willing to teach you to drive in their car. If not then after you get your Learner's Permit you can enroll in a Driver School and get your behind the wheel practice. But you do not need a Certificate to apply.

  • 4 years ago

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