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i have one male and one female gourami they get along well. but i went out yesterday and when i came back the male was lying on the bottom of the tank breathing heavily. i did a 30 % water change and just to remind you this is a 6 foot tank meaning 711 litres. anyway after that i added aquarium salt and stability. but he still didnt look better so i seperated him and he is now alone in another tank. i noticed his one tentacle antenni thing looks bent. is this why he is so lame and not swimming well. he also didnt eat in the community tank so when i seperated him i gave him 2 pelets.

PLEASE help .... what should i do

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    When did you get them? He could have Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus (DGIV)

    Many fish affected by the iridorivus infection will, in their last days, refuse food and lay on their sides, breathing very heavily. As the fish starts to pass it will become very discolored, often even appearing black where bright reds, blues, or yellows were once due to stress happening within the body.

    Its incurable always.

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    Sometimes their barbles get bent, that would not be the cause of the illness. Is it a new tank? How long have you had the fish? did you cycle the tank before adding fish? Did you carefully aclimate the fish before putting them in the tank? what are the results of tests for ammonia , nitrite and nitrate? Gourami can be fairly sensitive.

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