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Females Only: How can I make my period end so I can go swimming?

My friends just asked me to go to the beach tomorrow afternoon. I want to go but I'm not entirely sure if will be able to get in the water. I started my cycle on 2 days ago and it usually lasts about 5 to 6 days. Idk if 4 days will be sufficient enough. Is there anything I can do tonight that will ensure I can swim tomorrow?

SN: I'm not on birth control and I've never used a tampon. Sorry if I grossed anyone out, that's why I asked the females! Lol

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    not really anything you can do about that. just use tampons, or swim on a day that you aren't on your period.

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    well the water pressure would keep the blood up...but when u get out from the water it might be best to wrap a towel around u. it would only leak immediately after u get out of the water of its very heavy. it would be just fine if once u get out of the water go and change into your pad. hope this helps

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    Nothing you can do to stop your period. Try using a tampon. Good luck

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    You cant make your period end!

    Use a tampon!

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    Don't worry about it and be sure to swim in shark infested waters!

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