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I am going on a school camping trip and I am stuck in a cabin with nasty "popular" girls!?

My school is going on a trip that's 2 hours away. We will be there for three days and we have a cabin with 6 people. Originally, each person picked a partner that they are guaranteed to be with. I will be with my best friend. Two other sets are put in the cabin with us. Both sets of girls put with my best fined and I are people we can't stand. I wouldn't say I hate them, because I don't hate anyone and I don't like to use that term, but these girls are very mean to me. The one told everyone that she wanted me dead and the other spread gossip about me, which wasn't true. The teachers won't change the cabins, I have to go (my parents payed 300 dollars) , and we really don't get along with them. What should I do?


They won't change it because everyone already is put in their cabin and they can't switch people around because people are already assigned to bring stuff in for the cabin.

It's a camping technology allowed!

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    Well surely you'll only be spending the time sleeping and relaxing in your cabin, which won't be long?

    When I went camping with my school we barely had a moment's rest, which was good and bad in ways :P

    Just smile when you walk past them in the cabin and ignore them if they make fun of your jammies. You'll live through it :)

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    9 years ago

    You could pull a prank on them, like in the parent trap kind of, i'm sorry you have to share with them, i would just ignore them i guess, if they same somthing rude or mean just be like im sick of it grow up and walk away, if they laugh or do somthing rude like that just ignore them, try to have fun, good luck!!

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    9 years ago

    thats hard to say... but i guess its good that ur not "hating" them.

    try ignoring them and blasting through it. spend more time w/ ur best friend. u can do it!

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