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Light Switch Question?

Is there something I can buy that would connect my lamp to the outlet via a light switch that I can turn on and off? I am looking for a light switch that I could use to turn on/off by lamp without reaching up to actually turn it off. I hope this makes sense.

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    USA Beside the clapper, and a switched receptacle, you can get an in-line switch. They are small, and are installed in the lamp cord. They utilize a small wheel that you rotate to turn the lamp on/off. There are also wireless receptacles and switches on the market - just stick them on the wall and put a battery in.

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    You can connect a switch to the receptacle to turn the rec. on and off...Then plug the lamp into the receptacle

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    No it doesn't make sense. Try again.

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    Clap on, clap off- the clapper

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