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Makeup for my red prom dress?

My dress for my senior prom is a long red dress with a touch of pink underneath. What should I do for my makeup? Also ideas for jewelry its strapless so i was thinking a necklace. HELP (: Also, i have bright blue eyes and i want to make them pop.

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    If you want your makeup to highlight your eyes you want to use a color that will compliment them. Blue eyes look beautiful with warmer colors like peach, violet, gold, and brown. Substitute black eyeliner with brown, which will not darken and overshadow your eyes as much. Using a dark (but not TOO dark) mascara will open your eyes. Also, a white liner on the lower waterline of your eyes will make them appear larger.

    Also, I would keep your lips very simple and natural looking if you want to keep the focus on your eyes (and keep your look classy and simple).


    A classic red dress looks great with both silver and gold. Gold compliments very warm skin tones, and silver flatters cooler skin tones. Both look great on neutral skin. I've found that the best way to pick jewelry is to try it on with your dress and see if it hangs at the right length and looks right to you. There's no right answer.

    Have a WONDERFUL prom and enjoy the rest of your senior year! No matter what you wear, I'm sure you'll look beautiful!

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    Red lips, gold eyes, delicate silver jewelry;)

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    i might do the two black liquid eyeliner around the best lash line with a small flick outwards and upwards or pencil eyeliner alongside the best eye lash after which mixture with gray eyeshadow. (I extremely have blue eyes and that's an excellent coloration tournament) After the eyeliner do easy eyeshadows on the component to the lid closest to nostril/center of face. Then darker on the corner of eyelid close to outdoors of face then mixture them at the same time. Do diffused eye-liner on backside lash line and combine. Then i might curl your good lashes fairly and persist with mascara. Brush up the lashes then down (coating the decrease back of the lashes-basically once or twice) then decrease back up brushing commonly (it facilitates if the wiggle the barrel of the comb on the backside of the lashes as you pass up. it extremely is elementary yet stunning and with the purple lipstick ambitious! ward off any blusher, basically follow commencing place and probable powder to maintain the seem 'matte.' desire it made experience and all is going nicely!

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    i searched for a view tutorials maybe that helps :)

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaFXLeCtf64

    Youtube thumbnail

    2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmCXtItfoHg

    Youtube thumbnail

    (voice is a bit irritating but i kind of like the look)

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF3lhWnK4_s

    Youtube thumbnail

    (wel i wouln'd wear this because it is to much for me but maybe you like it.)

    hope i helpt a little bit:)

    and i hope you have a great prom

    Source(s): me and youtube
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