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What are your views on porn?

Is it bad for someone under 18 to watch? Will it ruin your life? Can you go to jail? Do you think it should be illegal period?

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    Most people, if not all men, have been watching porn since the beginning of time. If porn was harmful, then almost everyone would have ruined lives.

    Look depending on your religious beliefs, sexual fantasy and lust might be considered sinful, but it is not going to ruin your life unless you are predisposed to becoming a porn addict. Most people do not become porn addicts, but there are a few that do. You will know if you are predisposed to porn addiction because watching porn will dominate your life to the point of spending hours a day watching it.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It is normal for someone under 18 to watch it. It will not ruin your life unless you become addicted to it. I saw a husband/father on MTV's show True Life who's marriage was in jeopardy due to his addiction to porn. You can go to jail if you are watching child pornography. I don't think it should be illegal because nothing is wrong with videos of people having sex. People being paid for sex (porn stars) is a different subject though... I'm not sure if i think that is wrong or right. It seems like prostitution

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    I don't know if it should be illegal. We live in America and should be free to make our own choicses on this subject. I just think it's a good rule to follow that too much of anything is not healthy. So put your penis back in your pants and go outside and play something. LOL j/k You can't go to jail, and it won't ruin your life.

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