which if these three tire brands are the best fit for...?

A 09 Nissan altima 2.5 so sedan. Originally I was going to put the same tires that came with ky tires which were the Michelin primacy mxv4. However the Nissan dealer, told me that there are two other tires brands that are as good as these michlen tires. The continental contiprocontact and the yokahumas (forgot which model fitted my car). The dealer at Nissan said yeah michelins are the best, but the contiprocontact all season so as just as good as the michelins arr for less the price. He also said that now the altima come with factory continentals tires, rather than Michelin. As for the yokuhumas, he said that they are slightly better than the contiprocontacts. I want to know. Which of these three tire brands should I choose from. I want my tires to be all season tires.

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    Nissan used both the Michelin MXV4 and the Continental ContiProContact as factory options on your 09 Altima. Both very good tires, but the MXV4's have an overall edge in quality and performance over the Continentals. But the Michelin are more expensive as well. The dealer might also be suggesting the new Yokohama AVID Ascend. So far it has received very good rating. It would definitely be a good choice. So in overall rating of quality the MXV4 would be tops, followed by the Yoko and the Continental. They will be priced in the order as well. Bottom line, not a bad pick in the bunch, so it might come down to how much you are willing to spend.

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    The 60 and sixty 5 part of those particular tire sizes is named the component ratio. that's what determines the top of the tires sidewall, which performs a great section in determining the excellent top of the tire. that's a proportion of the tires section width, for this reason, the two 60 or sixty 5% of the 195mm section width. The smaller the form of the component ratio, the shorter the sidewall. the adaptation in a tire that length is purely below 10mm (3/8"), then you definately multiply that via 2 by using fact there is sidewall on the wonderful and backside of the tire. the adaptation is decrease than 3/4" entire (your recent sixty 5 sequence tires being rather taller), so it will be high-quality for a spare.

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    Spend the extra and get the Michelins. They will last longer.

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