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How do I keep both of us sane and healthy?

I am about to graduate college and I still feel like I'm in high school. I try to hang out with people but if I go out without permission from my mom, then she gets mad and her blood pressure increases. Basically, when I try to do anything to make myself more independent and/or happy, her blood pressure goes up and she gets a headache. She even takes meds for her blood pressure now. So if I am to keep her healthy, I have to live according to her laws and rules. I don't want to rebell and then she gets an aneurism. How do we both keep our sanity and reduce the risk of hart problems and strokes?


@never cry Is there a 3rd option?

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    You have 2 choices, Lie to her and don't let her know what you have been doing, or just be honest with her and say you need your freedom and see how that goes.

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