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Almost 2 months pregnant, what pills can I take?

I'm about 7 weeks pregnant. I took 2 Aleeve and 1 Advil in the past week due to the fact I have a cold and sore throat that hurts BADLY. I read that I shouldn't take them and aleeve contains a muscle relaxant that causes miscarriages. I won't take anything like that anymore, but I was just wondering could those pills hurt my baby that I took.

ps - I took the 3 pills before finding out about the Advil & Aleeve.

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    they could but it's not likely. you can take tylenol

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    I think your baby should be ok. Just stop taking them now. You can take Tylenol. But check with your doc about the dose. I would go to the doc about the sore throat you might have strep or something.. Hope you feel better and congrats on the baby!

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    Omg dnt do that again... the only thing u can take is tylenol. And only 2 pills a day, I know it sucks but when u get sick while pregnant there's nothing u can do, just wait till u feel better naturally. Hope u feel better

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