ok so im gonna lose my virginity tonight and im absolutley sure im ready!?

and im pretty good with taking pain but i just wanna kno how long the pain is gonna last i heard it wont last that long tho so i need some GOOD advice on how to cope with it all o and by the way my boyfriend has a really big penis lmao but he's very understandable so feel free to give me advice on what to do!


o and btw my hymen is already broken from when i went horseback riding lol

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  • BER
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    9 years ago
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    I can't tell you how it will be, because everyone is different. For me it was very, very painful, and I had to make him stop after a few seconds It was sore for about a day. It took me about 15-20 times for it to not hurt as bad, but I had never experienced penetration from anything bigger than a finger, and that was rare. I have heard people say it only hurt the first time, and others say it hurt for a couple months. Just because your hymen is broken, doesn't mean it won't hurt. It probably will still hurt because your vagina is tight. Have him finger you for a few minutes before he enters you. It also may take awhile for him to put it in, it seriously took 10-15 for my boyfriend to even get inside me, his penis just wouldn't fit (He is very small by the way). Anyway, a good position is for you to get on top of him, this way you have control over how deep he goes and the pace, if you are too nervous to go on top, have him be on top and enter really slow, then stay for a few seconds, and slowly move. You need to relax, and don't be scared to tell him to stop. Also, you mentioned he was big, and I want to say that length doesn't really matter. He probably won't be able to fit in you all the way. My boyfriend is only like 3.5 inches, and he could only fit half of it the first few times. If you can't handle the pain, tell him to stop, you may have to try many times before you can handle it. My boyfriend and I tried 3 times before we were able to fully 'do it' I couldn't handle the pain. Anyway, I hope you are reasonable and use protection. Good luck.

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    4 years ago

    lots greater in all probability than no longer it extremely is going to be awkward and painful. I misplaced my virginity at 15 and finding decrease back, i don't have faith all of us is waiting for a sexual courting at that age. Now in case you may maturely talk along with your boyfriend approximately what you anticipate and want that's a minimum of one step up. yet all of us understand that realistically you heavily isn't with this boy for something of your life so make beneficial he's extremely worth it....maximum sixteen year outdated boys are not lol

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just relax and take it easy. It'll only hurt for about 3 minutes after you're cherry pops, then it'll feel like Heaven.

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