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Debt Collectors sending legal threats, after I filed a dispute with the ombudsman?

Firstly, I'll note, this is in relation to Australian Law.

If you are not familiar with Australian law, don't bother giving advice here...

A debt collection agency contacted me about 3 weeks ago, claiming that I owe a phone company (phone company I was with over 3 years ago), around $280.

I called them up, and said I do not believe this debt to be correct.

They advised that they cannot do anything about it from their end, and to contact the phone company about it.

I proceeded to contact the phone company about it, and the story they gave me, did not add up at all, and I argued with them that this was incorrect, and that they must have made an error.

They insisted that their records are 100% legitimate and real.

I insisted that they are not, and I can prove they are not, because I have disputed their "100% legitimate" records before, and won.

They are frauds (vodaphone).

They offered a discount on my "alleged" owed amount, after I said I would contact the ombudsman about it, but I refused, and insisted that I will not pay a cent, until I have the telecommunications Ombudsman investigate the matter thoroughly.

I filed a claim with the telecommunications Ombudsman, and received a case referral number.

Today, I received a letter, apparently from the debt collector's legal reps, saying that if I do not pay within 10 days, that legal proceedings may take place, and that I would be paying for the costs of those legal proceedings...

I'm not a law expert, but I know enough, to know that it is against the guidelines set out by our government, to make threats, or even proceed with a debt claim, while the debt is in dispute.

Am I not right?

Does anyone know of any legal references I could use, when I contact these people back?


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    It is harassment in the U.S. for Debt Collectors to repeatedly send financial threats to someones job, home, etc. Harassment is illegal in the U.S.

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    contact kyour local debt agency.

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