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What should i do my rabbit is looseing its fur?

My rabbit is loosing its fur on his back, i looked online to find out what i should do, and the answers said to either get a treament and try that before taking it to a vet and other answers said to take it straight to a vet, i told my parents and they got a treatment from the local pet store, i tryed it and a few weeks later i noticed nothing had changed and my rabbit still had fur loss on his back, i mentioned to my parents again and i asked if i could take it to the vet they said "no its to much money, it will be fine" i cant earn any money because there isnt alot of jobs going for me at my age and i dont know if i would be able to earn the money in time, will the fur loss cause it to get really ill? (sorry if it sounded exaggerated or like i am over panicing, but i dont want to see him suffer) if he is suffering?


My rabbit isnt molting... My rabbit is looseing alot of fur on his back, it has a bald patch where the fur has gone and at the root of the fur that comes out you can see lots of dry skin that has been flaking :/ ( sorry i forgot to mention that )

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    Every rabbit molts. 'Molting' is when a rabbit looses fur so it can cool down during the warmer seasons and thicken up during winter. It may not be ill it could just be molting. I have two rabbits and when i pet one the fur comes out easily onto my hands and clothes, my other doesn't. I just sometimes find fur in the cage and its perfectly normal.

    Hope i helped:)

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    Sounds like Fur mites. He has to go to the vet!

    Tell your parents you can pay them later by doing several chores around the house or garden, your rabbit needs to get to a vet asap.

    Fur mites will get much much worse!

    Source(s): Rabbit Owner.
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    in case your rabbit is outdoors it extremely is countless issues. it may desire to be fleas, ticks, a malicious program, something. If the bunny is interior then it may desire to be the comparable. i might attempt and supply him a shower in a particular rabbit shampoo. better of success with him. P.S. i assumed the comparable with mine, however the "stuff" did no longer pass. It grew to become right into a black spot on their coat. they are basically multi colored. LOL

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    Mange or just shedding winter fur

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