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I have arrhythmia! Should I take it easy on running?! Please help/read?

Hi y'all... I have arrhythmia of about 7 "skipped heartbeats" per minute (and a heart rate of about 56??).

I am not allowed to give blood due to this problem but I heard it is not serious unless I get my heart rate up too high. I love running and sprinting but in the last year I've cut back a lot. It seems to make sense that I had a problem b/c when I ran (even after years of it) I would be so short of breath and my heart would start to hurt. I'm kind of PO'ed though because my body/muscles are fine with running.

Any advice?! SHould I just do long distance, slow pace (not my thing)? Are there any meds for my heart or supplements? I do wanna keep sprinting but the doctor says I shouldn't and I could have cardiac arrest any moment if I do :/

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    You must follow your doctor's orders. If she or he advised against sprinting, then you can't sprint! I know it stinks! Sprinting is fun, but so is NOT HAVING A HEART ATTACK!

    Please ask your doctor if running or jogging longer distances is safe for you. Only your doctor, who has examined you and knows your specific history, can advise you properly. If you don't like what your doctor says, seek a second opinion from another doctor. That doctor will take a history and do a thorough examination before giving an educated answer to your question. Maybe one doctor or the other can suggest an alternate workout style and schedule for you.

    You should be able to find some exercise that you enjoy AND your doctor approves of. Please talk to him or her about establishing a healthy exercise routine that suits your specific body.

    Also, it may help to have your electrolyte levels checked! I used to have palpitations when I was overhydrated - that is, I drank waaaaayyy too much water and washed out a lot of healthy electrolytes, especially sodium. I was drinking about 2 gallons of water a day because I was just that thirsty! I was under a lot of stress at that time in my life, and somehow all that stress, combined with a lot of exercise, made me ridiculously thirsty. I was tested for diabetes about 17 times while all this was going on, and no one could figure out exactly what was happening for the longest time. I know it sounds crazy, but I needed to drink LESS water and eat MORE sodium to correct the problem. It's really, really unusual to have this happen unless you have been training hard and/or drinking way too much water, so don't assume you have anything like this unless your blood has been tested! But it is worth getting tested to be sure.

    Good luck, and I hope you find a good exercise routine that works for you!

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