I would like to know if their are daily Ferry's from Sleeping Bear Dunes (Manitou Island) to Mackinac Island?

Hello i am Planning on a summer Vacation in the Lake Michigan/Huron Island's i would like to stay in Manitou(Sleeping Bear Dunes Area ) but have leisure time on Mackinac island (the water Parks shops and restaurants) i would like to know is their any bus(via Bridge ) or ferry routes back and forth between the two Islands .

Also has any of you all have of a description of the normal summer climate will it be cold or hot rainy usually

Is their a lot to do their its it somewhere people 14-19yrs old would enjoy

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  • 9 years ago
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    There's only one ferry to the Manitou islands and it's from Leland. Its nearly a 2 hour ferry ride. Manitou island is more rugged than Mackinaw and geared towards campers and hikers. There are 2 Manitou islands (North and South). You'll want to go to the south island because its more set up for tourists. Mackinaw is much further North and there is no connection between the two islands. If you want to go to Mackinaw you have to drive north 2 plus hours and catch a ferry near the Mackinaw bridge but its a much shorter ferry ride. I live right in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area and I promise you this is the area you want to be. There are rivers to canoe on (Crystal river and Platte river) and excellent beaches and Traverse City which is nearby is great for families with lots of restaurants and things to do. Find lodging ahead of time cuz u cant just show up and expect to find vacancy. There are no water parks on Mackinaw island btw. Summers are usually warm and sunny especially in July, August, and early September. Empire/Glen Arbor area is where u should look into.

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