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When is hydro energy used? (please be 1 paragraph)?

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    Some people confuse Hydro(water) energy with geothermal energy. Hydro energy has been used probably since just after the wheel was invented. In the simplest term possible hydro energy is converted to mechanical energy by way of a waterwheel, which used to power all gristmills and sawmills in the old days. Today, the biggest single producer of hydro energy is probably the "Three Gorges Dam" in China, which produces enough energy to power 1000's of homes. So to specifically answer your question - hydro energy is used all the time, all around the world.

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    it is one of are alternative energy scources and pollutant free it creates tons of power they say it makes more than using fossil fuels but there are some things why you dont see it alot it cost tons and can take oxygen out of the water killing fish

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