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Suggestions for any historical fiction romance?

so im on my weird faze where all i want to watch or read are historical fiction romance lol so the movies i've already watched are:

-Ever After


-Dangerous Beauty

-Stage Beauty

-Pride and Prejudice

-Becoming Jane

-Mansfield Park

( Basically all of the Jane Austen movies)

PS. i dont like movies with fantasy like stories with cinderella and stuff like that...except for ever after but i've already seen it

PPS. i dont like any movies that are black and white lol not really my type :))

any auggestions would help :)!! thanks!!

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    Lagardère, F 2003


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    Shakespeare in Love

    Memoirs of a geisha

    The Princess Bride

    The other Boylen girl

    Somewhere in time

    The Reader

    Tristan & Isolde

    The English Patient

  • 9 years ago

    Immortal Beloved




  • 9 years ago

    An Ideal Husband was pretty good. :) I also love historical romance books!

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