What should i do i need urgent help?

Wel i got close to a girl, we can talk good. She kinda likes me not much a kinda. She sad to me you should delete me cauze i wil hurt you i dont want to do it. What should i say that we need more time. We are talking about a month now, i called her 4 times we talked verry long. She was in the beginning not that open. She also was a bit cold.

Now we know each other for 3 weeks i texted her when we were finished talking ' i wil love a girl verry much in this world and that is our daughter' sinds then she acted a bit strange not herself. And about 1 hour ago she told me you should delete me cauze i wil hurt you delete me now before you fall in love with me. How can i win her she says i cant seem to warmen up to you but i like you a itsy bitsy bit.

How do i win her back and warmen up her to me ? She lives about 40 miles

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    it sounds to me as if this girl has been in bad realtionships and been hurt before, by saying delete me cos a will hurt u sounds as if, she is scared of liking u as people she has got close to in the past has left her and let her down, i think u jus need to explain to her u really like her and want to take things slow with her go out on a few dates and get to know each other

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