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My daughter is 2 weeks old and her umbilical cord hasn't fell off yet! It's also bleeding. Is this normal?

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    It's normal to bleed just a little (like a few little drops) if you see it's bleeding often and in big amounts take your baby to the doctor.

    Yeah it's normal if it still hasn't fallen, ussually takes up to a month but it depend if your drying it out. I suggest every time you change diaper use a CLEAN Q~tip with alcohol to clean it, also let 1 or 2 drops fall on it so it could dry faster...

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    Yes, that is normal.

    It is normal for it to have some bleeding. As long as it isn't heavily bleeding or obviously infected (lots of puss, gross smell) then it is fine.

    I think my guys fell off around 3 weeks. That is more than normal, it is typical.

    I hear putting alcohol on it or vaseline which some parents do is actually a bad idea and can cause problems, which is why they don't tell you to do this at the hospital.

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    it is normal for it to bleed a little bit when it is starting to fall off but if it is a lot of blood then you should go to the doctor. Some cord stubs don't fall off until after they are a month old so don't be worried. Just keep it clean and use a little alcohol to dry it out.

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    that's undemanding for babies to lose their umbilical twine stump interior 2-3 weeks after their beginning. some babies will lose theirs greater immediately than others and a few will take slightly longer. At only 8 days, there is not any concern in any respect except that's showing indications of an infection. there is not any would desire to attempt to get the twine to drop off any quicker so actually do not play around with it. My grandson did not lose his umbilical twine stump till the day he became 5 weeks. It substitute into putting on via a thread for days earlier it ultimately got here off. All you may desire to do is keep the diaper folded down or use the new child diapers with the notch decrease out of them so it does not rub against it and reason inflammation. you do not even would desire to place something on it. interior the previous that's been undemanding prepare to place rubbing alcohol on the stump, yet analyze coach that it does not quite make any distinction. My granddaughter substitute into born on March 11. The well-being facility she substitute into born at substitute into interior the technique of fixing their coverage of having new mothers use alcohol wipes to not having them use the wipes. At her 2 week examine up, my daughter asked the pediatrician approximately it because of the fact the toddler nonetheless had her twine stump. Her pediatrician mentioned that it will fall off whilst that's waiting and there is not any would desire to apply alcohol, yet they might in the event that they wanted. i does not agonize in any respect approximately an 8 day old toddler who nonetheless has his umbilical twine stump. that's not unusual and not something to agonize over.

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    I advise that you go see a doctor straight away. This could be an infection and needs to be examined more thoroughlly.

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