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7 Day Water Fast. I have some questions?

Hi, so recently I have been feeling horrible like sick and tired. My doctor recommended that I do a little fast to get rid of toxins and such. I weigh exactly 132 pounds I am 15 and right now I am 5'8. I am Native American so I fast at least once a year spiritually. But this time I usually have someone with me. I have a few questions like how much water should I drink and can I still be in fitness while I am fasting and what are lunch, we only have energy drinks and juice and milk to drink. I am doing a 7 day water fast to cleanse my body. If there is anything else you can tell me please do not refrain.


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    If you are having energy drinks, juice and milk, would soup also be possible? Most are like water, but have, perhaps more nutritional value than juice or energy drinks. I would look at the juice & energy drink labels. Most are so loaded with sugar & chemicals it seems to defeat the fast to get rid of toxins and such if you are continuing to drink them.

    I think a better way to stay healthy while removing toxins would be from a smoothie/shake fasting. It Involves drinking pureed or blended vegetable and fruit smoothies, such as green smoothies.

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    I don't understand why fasting from water would help you lose fat? Fat is a store of sugars, and sugars come from food, so you either try to burn the fat or take in less food or both. Fasting from water is a good way to lose weight permanently though. I hear skeletons don't have any fat and look good in a wooden suit.

  • Your doctor recommended you fast, but didn't suggest any safe ways to do it? Doesn't sound like a doctor I would be placing my life in the hands of. Energy drinks are garbage.

    I suggest you talk to your Healer if you want to know about the right way to fast....the right way for you.

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