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Does on and off depression exist?

Depression runs on one side of my family.

Most days, I am content, not necessarily happy but I am usually satisfied with living.

But occasionally it hits me hard... Those days I just feel so upset with living and I'll cry over the smallest things like if someone talks to me in a raised voice where most days I don't sweat it.

What's going on? I just want help. I'm not going to the doctor's if I don't have to.

Thanks to everyone, all answers are appreciated x take care

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    I think you are normal. Maybe you get PMS, maybe some days you get up on the wrong side of the bed, sometimes it's rainy for many days, some times people sleep poorly, etc. Depression lasts for weeks to months - the DSM allows for 2 weeks of symtpoms for a diagnosis, but many psychiatrists think depression is very over diagnosed.

    I can't believe people are saying bipolar - bipolar is DEBILITATING during an episode, and episodes last weeks to months. You describe nothing like that, and NO mania, either. Bipolar is a fad. I have had bipolar for 30 years, and that used to be a very uncommon diagnosis. I'm sorry I got professional help for it, too, but that's another story. (well, meds, I have no gripes about the useful counseling I've had).

    Generic Practical Depression tips (PRINT THEM OUT):

    The library has self-help books on depression.

    Many meds cause or worsen depression, including birth control, blood pressure, pain, acne, antipsychotic, anxiety (benzos) or sleeping medications, alcohol, illicit drugs and MANY others.

    Hypothyroidism mimics depression . Too little sleep, or sleep disorders like sleep apnea, or interrupted sleep (crying baby, barking dog) can cause depression.

    If depression is worse in winter, use a light box (10,000 Lux (light intensity) at about 20” - about $300 online, you don't need full spectrum, Sunray is a good brand). I have extra windows, painted the walls peach & yellow & have a skylight. There's a link to a cheaper lightbox & more info at Also you can try 1000 to 2000 IU of Vitamin D in winter. It may work, or may be placebo treatment.

    Try meditation like progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery. See The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund Bourne. Free 15 minute guided imagery at and many free meditations at youtube.

    Go out with friends, & if you don't have any, join a club e.g. hobby club, bowling league & MAKE yourself go. “Isolating” makes depression worse!

    Exercise 1/2 hour a day, & anytime you feel depressed or anxious. LOTS OF RESEARCH SUPPORTS THIS as the most effective depression treatment of all.

    Insomnia?: Go to bed & get up the same time each day, even weekends. Don't use your bedroom to watch TV, read or use the computer. Don't do stuff that revs you up before bed, like exercising & using the computer. Light from computer screens & TV wakes you up. Blue light is the worst offender – dim the lights and use an old-fashioned incandescent bulb the last hour. Make the bedroom very dark, even cover up the clock. Mask disturbing sounds with a fan or try or youtube, etc. Avoid caffeine after noon.

    Put colorful, happy things around the house. Do nice things for yourself. Make a list of things that make you happy, like: bread fresh from the oven, the crisp sound of a saltine cracker breaking, fresh sheets on the bed, touching frost on the windowpane, etc. Read that list when you are down. Use comforting scents. I like vanilla & cloves.

    Work on time management if you are overwhelmed. Cut back on other responsibilities so you can spend more time with friends & family. Ask for help with chores.

    Spend more time with your pet, if you have one.

    DON'T listen to sad music! Listen to upbeat stuff- same with movies & novels.

    DISTRACT yourself. Read a novel, watch a comedy, go out with friends, play cards or a video game, whatever keeps your mind busy.

    Volunteer. Helping others makes you feel better about yourself & you make a difference, too. If you are religious, your religion may help keep you involved in the community.

    Put a half-smile on your face. Changing your expression is proven to help change mood.

    Try free computerized cognitive behavioral therapy at Also, if you have an abuse history, it is likely to be a major cause of your depression.

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    On And Off Depression

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    Well first, how old are you? If your a teenage girl/young adult, chances are its hormones. (I'm sure you've heard about them, sometimes it feels so real it's hard to believe that it might just be hormones.)

    I've heard that there's a type of bipolar disorder that experiences only depressive states (I'm not sure of the name, but I'm positive it exists.) And if it's extremely severe then you should contact a doctor.

    It's up to you to decide which you think it is, I'm not in your mind so I can't decide if it's hormones or a disorder, you decide if its severe enough to be a disorder or not. (My opinion from the information you've given us, assuming your a teenage girl, is that it's hormones.)

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    Well, usually "on" and "off" depression indicates Manic-Depression.

    When you ARE NOT depressed, are you manic?

    If so, you have Bipolar Disorder...I think...

    Better run that by the GP to be sure.

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    Ik how you feel, its it could exist, but maybe not. I think thats just Bipolar though.

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    possibly bipolar, might want to look into it

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    I guess so, because I can relate to you.

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