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Should I buy running shoes or Trainning shoes?

I mostly workout and train, one in a while I wanna start running, is there a difference between running shoes and trainning shoes, which one should i buy that would benefit me if I run and train?

also which brand or model do you recommend?

I heard real flex reebok shoes are amazing.

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    I would say the Nike free runs would be a good bet. I do not have them but I see a lot of people at the gym in them and there's quite a few people at the track running in them.

    If the shoe weighs around 12-13oz and has a big sole (big cushiony part) it's probably more of a running shoe than training.

    Look at some adidas lightweight running shoes too.

    All in all, anything that's lightweight and is classified as a running shoe would serve great as a running and training shoe.

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