My friend is acting cold lately, is something wrong with him?

I'm a friend of a man who has a huge imagination. He always make the best jokes that also makes you think in a way, great movie/music idea, excellent writer, and very intelligent. He always make cruel jokes on himself such as "What's the difference between my face and a bucket of sh*t? The bucket". I originally thought he has low self esteem but he just shrugs that off and said "If I don't make fun of myself, I can't make fun of anyone else". Sounds reasonable. He always helps me with homework when I needed it, always there to cheer me up when I'm down, and very close to the point I'm his sister and he's my brother. I'm one of the few to have some hints of his thinking. Since High School, I follow him with his classes so we always end up with at least one period together, but we don't hang out much at lunch since he has his own group and I have my own during lunch. Besides that, we're in touch and both of us have instant communication when needed. He's a very sweet guy, his first and (as he claimed) last relationship lasted 3 years, yet, unlike other guys who date more girls in less amount of time, he actually treats people of the opposite sex as equal. By equal, I'm talking about him expecting women to think for themselves and not allow men to push them around or men giving up their seat or looking at them as objects to look at. He gets irritated when men/women think spending their[men] money to buy make-up or other consumer products for their girlfriends is a sign of showing they care. He jokes about society all the time, make sadistic jokes to challenge America's political correctness and is always protective of me and his other friends.

In short, one of the greatest friend you'll ever have and meet. His creativity made him labeled "weird" but he's so trusting, sweet, and fun to be around his gentle rebel attitude rubs on anyone who gets to talk to him. On Halloween, you get to see his creativity shine. Being Stalin with the Hammer and Sickle on a gay flag singing "Rainbow Styling", Capitalist Lenin, and a creepy old man following me around to add shock (meaning he's a pedophile).

Recently though, he has gotten more dark and gloomy. His intelligence, creativity, and "Challenge Society" attitude remains, however, it has gotten really dark.

Firstly, he always talks about how he's a mutant, how he has "f*cked up genes", how ugly, pathetic and useless he is. He's insulting himself more than joking about public figures and even talked of suicide when he retires. Claiming "I have f*cked up genes, ugly as f*ck, will never be happy like you or anyone else, etc etc etc" and that in his will, he will include his close friends so we can get his property and money. After telling him that I won't let him kill himself, he asked me if I'm selfish for trying to keep a suicidal person alive because I don't want him to die when he does.

He's a great actor, I just assumed he's making a joke, but I start to worry, especially since......

* He's talking to his friends less

* He talks less

* Halloween in 2011, he dressed up as a Vietnam War vet reciting the song Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones

* His writings became more dark and angry

* He smiles and laughs less

* Talks about death more often

* He stopped hugging me, or anyone

* Stopped giving me, his own sister a kiss in the cheek like he usually do

* I actually don't see him around as often

Even asking his friends who never even talked to me, they all agreed he's not what we used to know him as. He's definitely not "the usual" self. Whenever I talk to him, he just said he's fines.

I'm very worried, it's getting gloomier by the day.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Their is always a time in a person's life where they will feel depression, it is normal, but in some people it is stronger then others. He sounds very suicidal, almost like he has given up on all hope. Which has no good reason considering he has such a great friend as you. Sometimes people do not know what they have until they lose it, or feel as if they will lose it. I think he is in a dark place and it has nothing to with you or any of his other friends. I think the best thing you can do is leave him alone and see if he stops being so selfish and talks to you again. I hope he becomes himself again, if not then maybe it is time to let him go.

  • 9 years ago

    yeah, he definitely sounds depressed. try to talk with him, dont let him isolate himself.

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