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Am I over protective?

My friend Nigel girlfriend, Kristina broke up with him and went to another named Billy. He told me about how she was treating him I felt bad for him and told him he needed to get a better chick. When he began to move on, Kristina all of a sudden came and starting complaining ( She is still with Billy). Anyways, she made him go on a countdown saying she will break up with him the first countdown was a month, the month was over she said she couldn't do it. Then, she made him countdown from a week she came up with another excuse. Then, she made him again countdown from a week but this time she lied saying that she broke up with him which she didn't. Anyways Nigel came back to me and he asked me out saying I was much more understanding, mature and that I know what to do in a relationship. I said "No" because I knew he would run back to Kristina and I wasn't very attracted to him. One day Billy gets on facebook and writes on one of the one of the group pages "Nigel ewww" and saying mean things about him. So I cared about Nigel A LOT and I would destroy anybody who would try to hurt him, so I defended him. Three days later he tells me him and Kristina are getting back together I was so upset because for the past month I've been talking to him and he's been repeatedly telling me he was done and he was leaving. I called him a fool, idiot and etc. The next day Kristina sends me a private message saying I was jealous of her that two guys were fighting over her ( which I'm not, that's slutty) and that I needed to mind my own business. I began cursing her out and telling her she treats Nigel like yesterdays trash. So Nigel comes and tells me that I'm trying to ruin their relationship and he hates me.

I was hurt, I mean I was there for him through good and bad. I thought I was being a good friend, but at the same time how can I ruin something that is already broken? o3O;

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    whether you were trying to help or not, it is not your business,

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