Why are my friends so LAME?

Okay let me first start off by stating all I am looking for here is to release some internal stress and examine other personnel's experience in this situation...

So I am 20 years young, I live in a town called Homestead (Right below Miami) and I am drowning in misery. I go to college and have a part time job, so on the weekends I really really REALLY want to do something fun and exciting and not the same old s@%^ every weekend. However nearly ALL OF MY FRIENDS JUST WANT TO STAY HOME WITH THEIR BOYFRIENDS AND DO NOTHING EXCEPT boom boom pow. Lord I am so frustrated. I feel like everyone is throwing their youth away by just staying home with their lame boyfriends. I guess one of the main calibers to this high magnitude of frustration I have is because: prior to these "boyfriends" everyone was ready to go out and party and enjoy our college years... now they all just don't do diddly squat. And I get insanely mad when everyone is pumped up to go out and then the night of suddenly 37937 things come up and boom night killed. Another thing (cant wait for the haterade towards this sentence) all of my friends bf's are ugly (insert pejorative term). The fact that they let these grotesque nobody's control them drives me insane.

Anyways I am moving to northern Florida this fall so hopefully I can meet new people up there who are more on my level lol. I know many of you will probably say stuff along the lines of join a group, do this do that, but when you have "friends" its hard to just drop them and join a new cult, literally. Plus with work and school I really dont have time.


I just want to know if 1) anyone else has experienced this; where their friends get a lame ugly bf and become whipped 2) If anyone young has ever moved to a different city and how that worked out 3) and if anyone lives in Homestead and enjoys partying and is looking for a new friend like me :)

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  • Todd
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    9 years ago
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    1) No

    2) Yes, worked fine

    3) I do not live in that area

    I'm pretty accepting of nearly anybody and am not needy. I also pick my friends carefully. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    1. My friends became extremely busy with college life so much in fact that they don't call me or if they do have time off they spend it with their boyfriends and forget all about their friends. :(

    2. Haven't moved yet but I'm hoping to next year I'm hoping to make new friends because I ruined my social life by taking online classes and all my friends are so busy with their own lives.

    3. You sound like an awesome person but sadly I don't live in FL. Those people aren't your friends if they cancel their plans with you all the time.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    LOL you have got to be the coolest person I've ever seen on here!*Imaginary high-five* I live in Northwest Florida and have some lame *** friends too.

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