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Do you think "Open Fight Night" is one of the most interesting TNA ideas ever?

I actually enjoyed this past Thursday's IMPACT(and that is saying a lot about my relationship with TNA). Open Fight Night was an awesome show, with equally good matches. And Gut Check was pretty good idea too.(Alex Silva was terrible though). I can see TNA improving if they keep producing things like this. Is this a new turned leaf for IMPACT! Wrestling?

What did you think of this past IMPACT! Wrestling?

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    9 years ago
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    uh no i kinda like ultimate x match,but as far as live telvision i guess open fight night will increase ratings

  • 9 years ago

    Fantastic concept that I'm really growing fond of. I really liked TNA's Open Fight Night, it was a really enjoyable show with a great concept. I like the idea of unpredictability on the show of having anybody getting called out and having title defenses on television. It adds interest in the current product and benefits TNA in the long run. The ratings actually went up for TNA this week, so I guess it was a positive for both the company and the product. Gut Check is indeed a great idea and I seeing it as a good move from TNA.

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