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will she talk to me again?

ok so i liked this boy but he was 1 of my friend's ex an he really like me too an asked me out but i didnt want to hurt my friend so i asked her about it 1st and she told me it was okay and she was glad for me and even talked to him for me ...........they were only together for 2 weeks but before i talked to her about it i told 1 of my other friend so i could get some advice and she told me i got myself into this mess to get myself out and after i made my decision and went out with him she told me she hate people who would go with their friend's ex even though she didnt like my other friend and she stopped talkin to me its been 3 weeks now and i'm still wondering plus i don't know why she is vex with me when she doesnt even like the my other friend and it had nothing to do with her my friend who was wit my boyfriend before is closer to me than ever before an she told me if i did't tell her about it she would have been really angry and she is glad i told her but this other girl is so angry with me she would pass me straight evry morning not even sayin a word

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    You must be very confused. Your question is all muddled up with a number of characters referred to as "he" first, then "she" and later "him". There is a distinctive gender difference between a boy and a girl and he and she. Which is which?

    Readers cannot help you when they don't even know whether you are "he" or "she".

    Source(s): The note is not specific about "he" or "she". The gender keeps changing.
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