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my cats suddenly started howling and hissing?

i just got home from picking my mum up its 1am and my cat purred/meowed at us in welcome. i gave him 2 small bits of chicken 2mins later hes howling/hissing like crazy. never heard him make either of those sounds before. we opened the backdoor and he ran straight out in to the pouring rain and started howling outside. as far as i can tell theres nothing wrong with the chicken i gave him. what could be happening here?

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    Did you give him a piece of a Cayenne pepper Hot Wing? The spices are not just on the skin. They're in the meat. You should only give your cat plain boiled chicken.

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    How about installation your self as correct Cat i.e. not Tikka. operating example next time she misbehaves, attempt a sharp hiss, clap your hands or best of all stare at her and resources a lengthy low growl. She'll probably get this type of wonder she'll deliver about the hot day. in spite of the indisputable fact so that you are able to grab her and placed her contained in the relax room for 10 minutes. both way she'll get the message that you're the flexibility right here. Animals who're feeling insecure for in spite of the indisputable fact that reason, each and every in certain circumstances act aggressively yet when she feels you're in value, she may loosen up. earlier you do this, you should offer China the threat to retaliate. I easily have one passive cat (Flash) and one energetic cat (Toffee) - they are twelve three hundred and sixty 5 days previous twins. Toffee thinks he's the guy and Flash allow's him. in spite of the indisputable fact that if Toff comes searching for action and pushes Flash too demanding he receives a short sharp reminder that Flash may be the quiet form yet Flash outweighs him and with the right motivation he can extremely move. we do not call him Flash for not something! On a favorable word, it really is amazingly uncommon for cats who stay jointly to reason intense harm. sturdy success, DW

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    There is a female in heat and or a new intact male in the neighborhood. For your cats safety keep him inside.

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