what are the similarities between Occupy wall street and the tea party?

and what are thier differences, what were they both in favor of? what side of politics were they on, left? right? thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    The only similarity is that both are protest movements. OWS is mainly white college-aged and trumpets the old class warfare communist themes while the TP is a cross section of America in age, race, and ethnicity and trumpets capitalism, smaller government, and lower taxes.

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    9 years ago

    Both are against TARP, our current economic system, and the amount of government involved in the economy. What separates them is far greater. The tea party is mostly a classical liberal movement. They believe in the importance of the individual; they want a hands-off government in most aspects of society as outlined in the constitution. They feel that the federal government should, in regards to the states, should be limited to regulation of commerce. Occupy believes in modern progressivism. They advocate for governmentally forced social and economic equality. They feel that our government needs to expand its role to ensure the above. They want more of a redistributive tax code. They are against free trade and advocate for protectionism of our nation's industry. They believe in government intervention in use of private property, wealth, and individual choices.

    The tea party protests are mostly peaceful, whereas the occupy protesters are more provocative. The occupy protesters imploy black bloc protest tactics and are more prone to resisting and engaging in violence when confronted by the police.

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    I see that jotacar is knowledgeable in the sayings of Hillel. My complements.

    Both organizations have people who are passionate about their beliefs. That said, Occupy Wall Street seems to be made up primarily of younger people who do not have jobs. The Tea Party seems to be an older crowd who have had enough of their money being taken away and given to those who do not see the necessity of working. I am all in favor of helping those who have problems and need something to carry them to the next job. I have no respect for those who look at welfare as being the source of income on a lifetime, and generation, basis.

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    They would appear to be opposite

    Occupy Wall Street seems to have theme of social reform of business and community working together. The are social progressives who believe in protecting jobs and govt having role business ethic to make them more efficient. They follow Keynesian theory of modern economics. They believe in government protecting people. These people appear to be moderate liberals.

    Tea party are pure market economist. They are classical economist who believe the market is self correcting. They are staunchly conservatives. They believe in small national govt and more power to states.

    The problem is that both only exist as concepts.

    The problem with Occupy Wall Street is that government is usually less efficient than business It can slow down market progress due to the girth of bureaucracy.

    The problem with the tea Party movement is that they put too much faith in businesses that have let people down because business makes all decision in terms of short-term solvency.

    Examples, High speed internet, . The technology exist to give us much better internet. We the US only rank 19th in terms of our internet capability.

    Reason is that comcast chargers 60 bucks a month for internet. The 4 g technology is available for every laptop in the country and phone to operate for about10 bucks a months. According to classical economics the emergence of this technology should have benefited everyone and forced comcast to lower their prices or go out of business. Instead comcast decided they would buy all the patents in this country for about 5175 million and continue to charge people the extra 50 bucks because they get more profits from the old technology.

    Occupy believes staunch conservatives have hurt the core of what it means to be an american.due to excessive greed.

    Tea Party believes govt inference with business is what is destroying our country.

    I think a mixed economy is best. Meeting in the middle which occupy is starting to incorporate in their core values.

    Right now there is a battle going on over what the true american dream is.

    Tea party America is about freedom to change you standing in life by starting your own business working hard be successful.

    Occupy America is about being the hardest working nation and through hard work and education we can all improve all our lives.

    It's truly about which vision you believe in.

    Something for me and who cares about anyone else or having us all do well ensure we all will continue to do well.

    Source(s): Between the two I'd take occupy wall street!!!!! EASILY!!!
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    the OWS is a farce. why not Occupy football or baseball stadiums. there are more millionaires there than at any large company. why not rock concerts. one rapper made $467 million last year. how many poor people did he help?

  • 9 years ago

    What they have in common is that they are willing to turn out to demonstrations on behalf of the ideas that they support.

    They differ in that Tea Party people are entirely selfish in their motivation, speaking out only for people like themselves, while Occupy folks speak on behalf of all who are not among the filthy rich, who buy off politicians in order to get legislation that puts them at an advantage over everyone else.

    Tea Party types ask, "If I am not for myself, who will be?"

    Occupy people ask, "If I am only for myself, who am I?"

    Oh, and Occupiers never wear silly tri-corn hats, or carry badly spelled, hand-lettered signs.

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