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How to dress like American? And how to act? (Am moving to America from Norway)?

My family and I are moving to America from Norway. Mine dad has job offer in America and it is necessary for us to move. I do not know how American people dress. I have saw pictures but they are not similar! I have saw the "gothic" type (I think that is name-- black and loose) and very girly, but I have not saw what is typical to wear in America. Where do you living and what is typical to wear? I am moving to Philadelphia, if that is a difference. Also I am 16. Also how do the people act? A friend has been to America and says people are nice but some are mean. How is typical to act in America?

Sorry for my English. I am trying to improving!

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    America is awesome! Teenagers typically wear a lot of:

    Abercrombie & Fitch

    Hollister Co.

    American Eagle


    Forever 21

    As for shoes:

    UGG Australia





    But, people in America accept you for who you are. If they don't like you, they'll say something. But be yourself! Stand up to those people! I guarantee you'll have friends in no time.

    P.S. Don't say if you've had any "sexual experiences". People won't think you're cool. It's better to just be yourself, & occasionally flirt. (;

    Source(s): I'm an American teenager!
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    Wear whatever you like. There are a lot of different styles in America, you shouldn't pick one just because it's popular. If anyone gives you trouble for what you're wearing, it doesn't mean you did anything wrong. It just means that they're narrow-minded and not very accepting of others. And your friend was right about the people-- they typically won't make trouble for no reason, but there are some who will. You can usually spot them and stay away, that's what I do. Just find someone who's friendly to you, it shouldn't be terribly hard. Good luck! :)

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    Be yourself. Don't try to act like anyone else.

    Jeans and T-shirts are the norm.

    People in the US are like people anywhere else. Some are nice, some are not.

    You will find things more casual there. The trick to getting along is to observe until you find someone you like or admire, and then watch how they dress and act. It will be a cue for you on how to conduct yourself.

    Don't lose your manners or treat people disrespectfully. I think you'll be fine.

    Your English is better than most Americans. You have spelled everything correctly and used actual sentences with grammar and punctuation.

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    Just be yourself! Everyone pretty much dresses based on their personality and personal preference. And there are so many different kinds of people here, you probably won't have any trouble finding somewhere to fit in. Don't be afraid to talk to different people either.

    If it helps any, my marching band invited a highschool band from Norway to come for a few days last summer. We got to hang out with them all weekend (there was 100 of us and about 50 of them), it was really fun. They didn't dress any different than we did, and fit in really well. In fact, we all wished they could have stayed longer and were pretty bummed when they had to go :(

    Contact me if you need anything!

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    well im from california. but just go to the mall. see the different styles they have and pick some that you like.i love my skinny jeans short flowy tops or tigher ones but that might now fit your personality. also in american people are mean but the there are kind people. most of us like the kind people hahah. we also like to party :). i hope you like america <3

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    Your clothes from Norway will be quite adequate. You might need to fine tune them if you have a mind to. But that shouldn't be a major concern for you.

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    be proud your from norway! dress how you want and be proud that you will stand out in a ctoud like me from being mexican. dont try to act like somebody different stay true to yourself

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    How exciting!(: Many girls shop at stores like Aeropastale, Rue 21. And several more stores. if you need more help feel free to write me!

  • Just be yourself. You don't have to change who you are to come to America.

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