Guys, what do I do? (short!)?

So there's this guy I like. But I only see him twice a week at our church. (We don't go to the same school). But now he's changing churches! We're kinda friends, and we sometimes flirt. I think he likes me, and I think he knows I like him. But how am I supposed to keep in contact after he leaves? I don't have a cell phone, so I can't text. I have him on facebook, but I prefer face to face conversation. What the heck am I supposed to do now?


Sam, your answer is wonderful, but I have no other friends as I just moved here. :(

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    9 years ago
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    ah ha perfect idea starts now...... First off you need to gather a group of people, mixed gender and next time you see him say something along the lines of ha me and a couple friends are going to the movies did you want to come. to tips: make sure you bring other guys as he will not feel as if is the odd one out also make sure he says yes to going with you. while at the movies make him feel real comfortable with you and your friends and during the movie lean over and rest your head on his shoulder/chest and politely ask is this to uncomfortable and he will be like no its fine due to being a gentle man. also during the movie make light and interesting conversation including funny comments BUT DON'T GO OVERBOARD. also as a bonus you will be the only one he knows there making you the point of interest to him as he will most likely only speak to you! next step facebook: Treat em mean keep em keen. that means don't start conversations only answer them. also to also keep him interested only start one conversation daily except if he talks to you. next time you see him with maybe a week interval say to him hay did you want to go to town with me because my other friend ( insert name here ) couldn't make it and you already had plans.... he will likely say yes based on his cinema experience. very important you have to do most of the effort due to males having a fear of being rejected but if you are putting ideas in his head which will make him have a sense of security to asking you out. do this type of thing a couple other times without the oh my friend couldn't make it but just say something like hay i had great fun last time did you wanna do it again...... etc you get the picture

    I hope this helps

    P.s i could use a hand with my question but with a female perspective;_ylt=ApXZn...

    cheers from Sam ( I am a male )

    OK just read your additional detail and this has given me another idea! seeing as you have not been able meet many friends due to you moving to this new place. present yourself to him as being the new cute and quirky girl looking for friends and convince him that you are jusolelyley looking for someone to hang out with. Top tip Do not get attached to him as being friends because when it comes to the bit were you want to take thing further it can play on your mind about losing him as a friend abelieveive me i know im going through that exact problem with my best friend ( she is female ) . so if you go through this whole experienthinkinghinking solelym soley as your boyfriend and not a friend. keep the information above about the facebook thing in mind. with the outing idedon'tou dont have to go to the movies that was just an example.... but the main thing is that you have to do most of the work as boys suffer from a fear of being rejected.

    Hope this newer version helps!

    from Sam

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