Why won't she hug me?

My friend and roommate whom i've only known for a couple of months won't hug me at all, but whenever her guy friends are around, she hugs and hangs off their leg like she likes them, even though she says they're just friends. I have to admit that I started off shy around her but have since developed a platonic relationship with her, whereas she has told me personally that i'm one of her only true guy friends that truly listen to her, is sweet to her and makes her laugh.

It just feels awkward to try to hug her because it feels like she's being superficial which is making me feel like she's just using me. Whenever I go about my day and don't have time to chit-chat she gets annoyed because i've given her the time of day before and I noticed she likes the attention and doesn't like being alone. As a guy it bothers me when I can't even get a hug out of her and whenever she does have company over, she doesn't communicate to me as she would when we do spend time together.

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  • Wayne
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    You should ask her, but there has to be rules to you asking without pissing her off.

    Don't sound like you are blaming her for something.

    be in a secure location where you two can talk.

    Ask her simply if you have bad breath or smell funny.

    If she says no, then you can say, I have noticed that we have never hugged to say hello or good bye. And, I was wondering if it was something about me.

    I am sure there is no reason and she probably just has not thought about it

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