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Does he hate me now? I feel so bad! ANSWER PLEAAAASE?

heyy:) I'm fifteen and he's sixteen, and we made plans from last week to hangout tonight, and so at first I suggested the movies, then he suggested we hang around this school, and then i said I couldn't because my parents didn't want, so I said we can meet at the mall, then walk to near the school.

So I texted him my second suggestion today, and he said he has to see if he can before his mom has to go to the restaurant.. And I said to let me know.

Anyway, we talked an hour ago, and he said he can hang but not far, and I told him I'm only aloud to be dropped off at the mall, and he said anyway I don't think I can, my mom doesn't want me out late.

And like five minutes before that it was totally fine to hangout. And so I said the next time in not gonna tell my parents and that I'll just hangout with him whenever.

And he said okay:) Then I said i felt so bad and that I wanted to see him and he hasn't answered. what's happening, does he hate me now and never wants to hangout again? and it shows he wants to hook up, but wants to get to know me too.

Also we've never hangout before, we're just friends

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    no, he shouldn't hate you over his. if he doesn't accept it he is not the type of guy you should even bother with. when a guy is interested they will hang out, meet your when, where, for how long you say, if at all possible. i think its good your parents do make restrictions to help guide you threw this time. as to the school, there are usually laws against loitering on school property. good luck with the guy

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    he a guy ..... adult males get perplexed or he ought to b busy text fabric him lower back if he doesnt answer 4 a on a similar time as after tht thn u would desire to call him if he doesnt answer then purely wait he will likely respond to you if he doesnt attempt to discover him at college or someplace :) i desire i helped

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