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Can I get dental implants instead of braces ?

I am 23 years old my teeth are really ugly my front ones grew out of my gums and my bottom ones are all one in front of the other I really dont want to have to go threw the process of braces I am to old for that and dont have time for that I would rather get every single tooth pulled out of my mouth and put implants would that be possible

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    each implant costs ~3-4 thousand dollars. You have 28 teeth. It would cost you a LOT of money.

    Besides, no dentist in the world would do that--that would be malpractice to perform so much surgery when simple braces would fix the issue.

    Nothing is as good as your natural teeth.

    The implant process would take about 8 months and would be many more appointments than braces would be.

    I've had many patients in their 40s, 50s, and 60s get braces. 23 is certainly not too old

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    Nope. Why not just get braces? You're only 23, so you're not that old. It will be a lot less painful and easier for dentists, not to mention cheaper.

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    Why? Why not "just" get braces? Well let's see.

    Implants DO take about 8 months, that is correct. But braces actually take more appointments because you have to come every month for years even after treatment for "retainer checks". Once implants are healed you just need your twice a year check ups.

    Once the implants are healed you don't have to worry about them any more as you would about teeth that were naturally straightened. You brush them, and you are careful not to break them by doing things like opening nuts with your teeth. You still have to worry about teeth that were straightened by braces because you have to wear a retainer for life at night and at least a year full time. So you get to have an embarrassing lisp for a year and sleep with what feels like a finger pressing in your mouth all your life. FOREVER. You might also get a bonded wire on the back on your teeth, which is to stay there and is a pain to clean. With implants, you don't need a retainer because they don't shift.

    Even if implants seem more pain and money to begin with, it eventually adds up to less. Implant retention rate is 90-100% depending on the implant as long as the patient doesn't have periodontal disease and is not a smoker. Braces retention rate? 20%, roughly. Because the teeth ALWAYS want to shift back to where they were, which is why you are stuck with the retainer. Which, quite understandably, people just stop wearing eventually because they have lives. It makes you feel for the poor souls who went in and though 2 years of braces then I don't have to worry anymore. If that was the case, I would say okay braces are worth the pain possibly but it isn't.

    What is better? Something where you virtually feel like it's not your teeth after about 12 months into it or something that is your own but requires you to wear a nasty device every night so it will stay in place? I never met anyone with implants who did not get used to them and now feels like they are their teeth. Additionally you never get cavities again with implants.

    Even if implants were 100% as good as real tooth, they wouldn't tell you that because in the end they don't make as much money off that. Initial placement is a good chunk and then you might needs the top caps replaced sometimes but if they can sell you braces instead they got you for years, a lifetime a dental treatment you might need and then, long last, they can STILL sell you implants fifty, sixty years down the line. Not in their interest to give anyone implants right off the bat, eh?

    And what is easier for the dentist is not of any importance. The dentist isn't gonna have scars from braces tearing his mouth, he won't sleep with a retainer in his mouth every night either. Of course braces are easier for him. If he had to wear them and do the maintenance after maybe he wouldn't love it so much either.

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