Moving into a townhouse next year, any advice?

I just finished my freshman year of College I lived in the dorm this year but next year I'm renting a townhouse with 4 other guys and a girl. This is my first time renting anything. The house is unfurnished but does have a fridge oven and all that. I'm only really friends with one of the guys, the other 4 i have met a couple times but not that close to, but they're all friends with my one friend if that make sense

DO you have any advice on moving into a new house, what are some of the problems you faced when you first moved into a house


@karen thanks for the advice Ill make sure we lay down ground rules, lucky for me I am an easy going guy and dont get annoyed easily

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  • 9 years ago
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    Personally, I would never do it. Here's some reasons why:

    - People inevitably eat your food, even if you label it. It gets frustrating especially if you eat well (my roommate stole hundreds of dollars of food. I told her to stop and she didn't. I couldn't stop buying food all together, so it persisted).

    - Everyone doesn't have the same level of respect. You might be clean and they might be sloppy. Because you want to be clean or OCD, they will take advantage and expect you to clean if you want it to stay clean. Even if you let it get messy, they won't care (assuming you're the clean one).

    - Some might party a lot and turn your place into a party house, in which case everyone on the lease is liable for damages, etc.

    - Tension always arises. You guys will inevitably butt heads eventually and it might be frustrating.

    IF you've already signed a lease, then the reasons listed above are things to look out for. If you guys want, I suggest writing an agreement where all of you agree to do the cleaning (rotating schedule for toilet, kitchen, floors, vacuuming, garbage removal, etc). Also, be clear of what is off limits, how long guests can stay over, etc.

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    9 years ago

    With room mates you have to set you standards early. When you move in with a bunch of people, your life can be a wreck. Tell them your parameters. I don't like people touching my stuff. I don't like people eating my food. ETC. Also, how are you going to handle your room mates having over night guests? Or parties at the house? I lived with people my Freshman year of College. Never again. Four girls. And everyone had their own idea on who should vacuum and when it was okay to eat someone's food and have parties. I would put in a hard day at work and look forward to a hot bath when I got home. Only to find the other three girls wanted to have a party. Ugh. My Sophomore year I got my own apartment and shared it with a Freshman that didn't say a word. Never ate my stuff, never had people over. We did that for the rest of my three and she stayed on for her final year. Nice girl. Living with people is miserable.

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