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how do i grow my hair long like michael jackson im male?

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    eat capsules of cod liver oil and multivitamins

    also in Holland and Barrettes (or other specialist food stores) you can actually buy vitamin pills that will make your hair (and nails) grow faster and stronger.. It works very well

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    Ok these are the steps you take

    •Wash your hair with a sulfate free shampoo. I recommend Shea Moisture organic yucca & baobab thickening shampoo w/ biotin & bamboo extract. It cost $10.00 at target. The reason why you shouldn't use shampoo with sulfate is because it strips your hair of the natural oils that are healthy for your hair.

    •Use a conditioner that doesn't include silicone in it. I recommend Shea Moisture Organic Yucca & Baobab Volumizing Conditioner. It's $10.00 at target. Silicone in conditioner dry out your hair.

    •Keep your hair moisturized with oils like Emu Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil etc. Just make sure you use oils. Heres a link that tells you the benefits of Emu Oil:

    •Reduce the amount of heat in your hair, and if you do use heat don't use it on a high setting. Make sure you use a good heat protector. 

    •Remember to trim split ends. Please don't just write them off. They can really damage your hair. The split strands of hair tangle with the other strands of hair, and when you finally comb your hair it will rip out the other strands of hair.

    •Exercise and give yourself scalp messages. This increases blood follow which promotes hair growth.

    •Take Vitamins. I suggest you take biotin hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Or any B-12 vitamin. Heres a link that tells you what vitamins to take:

    •Have a healthy diet. Not a lot of fatty grease foods, or fast foods. Eat fruit and vegetables. A healthy diet gives you a healthy body and that also contributes to healthy long thick hair. Drink lots of water. 

    Sorry for the long post hope this helps!  =D

    PS. I'm a girl so you don't have to use the shampoo and conditioner I'm talking about if you don't feel comfortable. But it's good for your hair either way so yeah. =P

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    Michael Jackson wore weaves and wigs.

    He burned his hair and then lost the remaining because he had lupus.

    So just don't get your hair cut. It will take a long time.

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    4 years ago

    Holland And Barrettes

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  • 9 years ago

    LOL, you don't. He's the only guy that can pull off long hair. :D

    Just let it grow.

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    using horse shampoo helps your hair grow faster and thicker, you can find it at walmart down the shampoo isle

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    Just don't cut them.

  • 9 years ago

    don't ask me!

    Source(s): i am a little boy.
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