Why can't I find the voice changer on Dell Webcam Central?

When I'm at the program, but I couldn't find the voice changer. A long time ago, I used to have it, but not anymore. I remember where to go to find it. You have to go to the last button in effects (The 4th one). It's called desktop share, but for some reason I don't see the voice changer button. Here is what it says: Entire Destop, Custom Area, And a share button. That is all. Can someone please tell me how to make the voice changer option return? Thanks! :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    You would go to the Audio Effects Panel.

    Audio Effects Panel

    The users can have fun when they are having a video call with their friend by changing their voice with any one of the predefined audio effects. For example, they can change the tone of their voice from Male to Female and vice versa, or change their voice to reflect their emotion such as Excited or Depressed

    Turn on/off Audio Effects

    This toggles to turn on and off audio effects.

    By default, audio effects are turned off.

    Microphone (Audio Recording Device)

    The audio effects will only be applied to the selected audio recording device. If there is no supported audio recording device on which the audio effects can be applied, this control will be disabled.


    This lists the available audio effects that can be applied to the selected audio recording device.

    The control is enabled only when current selected recording device supports audio effects.


    Audio Effects are only available with selected webcams

    For Windows Vista and above, this feature will only work for audio recording devices which have include the Creative Audio Processing Object (APO) audio effects module as part of the INF installation of the device. To support this feature for HD Audio recording devices such as Sigmatel or Realtek, it will require the help of the HD Audio Codec vendors to include the Creative APO audio effects module as part of their device INF installations.

    For Windows XP, this feature will not be supported if the Creative custom driver is not installed.

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