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Introducing in Japanese?

How do introduce in a basic way,

(my family consists my mum, my dad, my brother and me)

(: romaji and hiragana or katakana.

Thanks heaps.

BTW does this make sense?

My dog is cute, and energetic.


Watashino inuha kawaikute, genkidesu

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    my family consists my mum, my dad, my brother and me




    Watashino kazoku wa otousan okaasan oniisan (otouto) soshite watashi desu

    You should put "my dad" before "my mum" in Japanese. It's just a custom.

    soshite = and

    onisan =big brother otouto = younger brother

    oneesan=big sister imouto=younger sister

    Your sentence makes sense but doesn't convey the meaning of "energetic" well.

    This might be better: 私の犬は可愛くて、すごく(すっごく)元気です。

    Watashino inuha kawaikute, sugoku (suggoku) genkidesu

    sugoku = very, much, so etc.

    or 私の犬は可愛くて、元気いっぱいです。

    Watashino inuha kawaikute, genki ippai desu

    ippai = full of ...

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    Kazoku de okaa-san to otou-san to onii-san (older brother)/otoutou (younger brother) to watashi ga imasu.

    And your sentence is correct!

    Source(s): I'm about 80% sure this is right. I've been learning Japanese for a while, but I still qualify as a beginner.
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