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Why is Chace Crawford so Gorgeous ? is he masculine or feminine?

He Is so perfect looking its almost unbelievable, his beauty is so amazing never seen some one so handsome i swear. chk out this pic Of Chace that i found. let me know what you think of this pic i absolutely love it.


thnxxx and have a nice day please :) :)

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  • Jack
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    "Why is Chace Crawford so Gorgeous ?"

    A combination of good genes, hard work, discipline and luck.

    I suspect his Mother and/or Father are attactive people; I suspect he makes sure he exercises on a regular basis; I suspect he maintains a proper eating regiment; and finally, I suspect he's not had to worry about any major trauma's which have corrupted his aesthetic.

    But yeah, I agree with you...he is extraordinarily beautiful...probably one of the most attractive young men I've ever seen. But I must admit, I've seen him look better in other this one:

    "is he masculine or feminine?"

    Definitely masculine.

    For starters, in your photo, he is sporting stylishly short facial hair...something that is pretty much exclusively seen as a masculine trait.

    In your photo as well, he's also wearing a shirt & tie...which is typically associated with formal or semi-formal male attire. Even the colors are not suggestive of femininity.

    Finally, although his hair is unusually stylish for the average man, it is still kept relatively short...which is again suggestive of a masculine aesthetic.

    Now if you want to see an example of a young man who is more feminine looking, Justin Bieber would be the one to look at: it seems like he goes to great lengths to avoid having ANY facial hair at all. That is not Chace Crawford at all...he seems to love his beards...and they look good on him because he keeps them maintained.

    Metrosexual to be sure...but definitely masculine!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    That picture has been retouched with PS.

    No male is gorgeous to the eyes of a female.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I don't find him all that attractive...

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