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FBI HRT or SWAT? How to become one?

I really want to get into the military and possibly make a career out of it, but have a plan B if I don't want to. After a few years in te military (let's say rangers) how would I apply to become one of those? And also what is the difference between the 2? What kind of missions do they do? How often are they used? Who is used more?

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    Boats, no need to poo poo every question that isn't directly and only about the military. Kid's asking a valid question here that military background could help out.

    Asker: You are on the right track with thinking about serving in the 75th. You could also look for a SEAL contract or signing up with USMC with Recon Indoc in your contract. The main idea for someone wanting a really good shot at HRT will be signing up for SOCOM service with a unit that is focused on direct action and MOUT or urban operations. Air Force has some spec ops contracting options as well.

    Your quickest, surest bet would likely be to go to an Army recruiter and ask to sign up as an infantry recruit with Option 40, which secures you a chance at Airborne School and RASP. If everything goes right, you'll report to your Ranger Battalion after 25 weeks of training and you'll get a lot of actual experience on deployments. Rangers work pretty frequently with HRT in country on deployment so you'll also gain some familiarity with HRT there. Also, I'd be willing to be that someone in your chain of command in a Ranger battalion will know someone who went on HRT. If someone knows the process well with other branches I'll let them explain it. I'm in the Army though, so I'll leave my answer on Rangers at that.

    After your 4 year commitment to the Army and the 75th Ranger Regiment were over you could transition to the FBI as a Special Agent candidate and try out for HRT. You would also need a 4 year degree and you would have to work (I believe) two years as a special agent before you could get on to HRT.

    As for missions: Rangers are concerned primarily with raids, MOUT/urban operations, airfield seizure and other methods of forcible entry (ie - parachute insertion, helicopter based insertion, watercraft insertion). They also work in more limited fields like target interdiction and reconnaissance. Rangers are light infantry so that skill set is what they bring to SOCOM, if that makes sense. A lot of what they do relates to counterterrorism in so far as counterterrorism has a direct action angle to it. Rangers are "used" very frequently. They deploy at least a couple of times a year for a few months at a time. So plan on getting "used" a lot if you join and make it.

    From what I understand, HRT has a lot of expertise in direct action and MOUT but they engage a little more in the intel side of operations as well. (Mind you, when I'm talking about "Rangers" here I'm talking about Infantry types. Ranger batt will have its own intel and commo personnel, among other flavors of POGs) You'll also still be an FBI Special Agent with all the investigative responsibilities that come with that too. HRT deploys with Ranger battalions, SEAL teams, etc and goes on raids and such. So you'll be working with the same military community you came from at times.

    You'll do work with either type of organization. Don't worry about that.

    Hope some of that helps. Remember that 4 year degree part for joining HRT and get it from a respectable school.

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    The FBI website went that-a-way


    Ask them.

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