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The suicide jumper theory?

The suicide jumper theory

After watching the horrific deaths of those who jumped from the World Trade Center to escape the flames and those who lept from the Golden Gate Bridge to escape their lives, one is left with an interesting and frankly a morbid question...when does the person actually meet their death? Some say "it's the fall itself that kills you" but if that were the case then why didnt I die when I skydived? There is also a theory that when traveling so fast once you come within a few feet from the ground the air pressure between you and the ground/water becomes so great that you "impact" before actually hitting.

The videos I've seen are from mostly and other "shock sites" there is a video with a compilation of suicide jumpers from the golden gate ( a man sat at the bottom of the bridge with a camera and waited because of being the most popular suicide spot in the USA) and the wtc jumpers are from liveleak as well.

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    Suicide jumpers from the golden gate and the trade center are completely different situations.

    People usually die before they hit do to the shock. They most likely get a heart attack before they hit. The reason you did not die from your jump is because you knew that you weren't going to die, while the suicide jumpers aren't attached to a parachute; they know their death is imminent and SOON.

    There really isn't any theory behind it, but the belief is that they die before they hit, or, in the Golden Gate Bridge, the fall into the water kills them pretty quickly due to the force of it.

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    The terminal velocity of a human is about 90 miles an hour. This is the speed at which air resistance balances gravity, so you don't fall any faster. This, of course, depends on what position your body is in, but it is hard to imagine any of the jumpers streamlining their posture for maximum speed. I believe that terminal velocity is reached after about 14 stories of falling.

    The air-press "impact before impact" theory is completely false, as is "it's the fall that kills you".

    It is the landing that kills you. Suicide jumpers suffer massive internal trauma, including the brain. Basically, they are knocked unconscious, and depending on the severity of their injuries, they can die. The likelihood of death depends on many factors, mostly how high you jump from and what you land on.

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