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From a management perspective, what are the benefits and limitations of appointing an outsider as manager?


as a manager or CEO.

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    This happened several times with my last employer. The last manager retired after thirty years with the agency, his last ten years as general manager. This is a small local government agency. That was followed by the appointment and resignation of several outsiders as general manager. One of those was suppose to be a permanent manager but he got into a dispute with the board of trustees and quit, in anger. The problem with everyone of them was that they could not fit into the established culture of the agency. The last one did alright with the employees but was in conflict with the board of trustees which was the agency's governing body. After that, the trustees hired one who is still the general manager, was a retired L.A. county Sheriffs department commander. He has done fairly well with the employees and has been brilliant with the board of trustees. I have seen that agencies efficiency increase substantially since this man took charge. I think it's because he understood where he needed to make changes in the agencies culture (the employees) and where he had to fit in with the existing culture (the board of trustees). I call that smart. I like that man.

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