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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCareers & EmploymentTechnology · 9 years ago

Jobs in Bozeman, Montana?

Does anyone know where people are getting hired in Bozeman or what the real story is- the one that isn't told by statistics- about unemployment in Bozeman?


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    Bozeman is a city in and the county seat of Gallatin County, Montana, United States,[2] in the southwestern part of the state. The 2010 census put Bozeman's population at 37,280 making it the fourth largest city in the state.Bozeman is a college town, home to Montana State University - Bozeman.

    Below are actual reviews from people who live in Bozeman, moved from other areas, the good,bad and ugly. I love the the fact you have NO sales tax and free public bus service. However the cost of living is high and rents higher than the mortgage on a house in some major cities. There should be jobs i.e. university, major retailers-. Home Depot, Lowes, Costco, Target, Petco, CostPlus, Walmart Supercenter, about 6 large grocery stores and many local stores. Downtown is galleries, boutiques and upscale dining - nicely restored and a bit touristy, fishing etc. It appears that most people are working very low-paying jobs and working 2 or 3 of them. .

    Austin,Texas To Bozeman = Disappointment (so far) - 5/28/2011

    Bozeman, MT

    PROS: Scenery,Snow,Dog friendly,Decent Beer,MSU,Airport,Wal-mart

    CONS:: Racisism abounds!,Generally Rude pissed off vibe among people,you say good morning,they either look @ you wierd or ignore you totally, Lack of Cultural Diversity,Snooty,too many Subaru outbacks,rent is thru the roof(1 bed rm apt 850)know it alls,Miserable weather(sometimes)Drivers License office gave me the 3rd degree(birth certificate,Passport,SS card(geez, ol'lady?)

    The Last best Place? LAST being the Operative word!

    I lived in the 1st (& only) best place,and will return as soon as I take these Hicks' money, cause they're too afraid to see it, Ha ha!

    A False Feeling of Paradise - 10/30/2010


    Great Lakes, IL

    Lived in Bozeman from 2007-2008. The good: Stunning scenery, fresh air, ultra clean. Courteous drivers, friendly, honest people. Montana State is a fantastic school, very underrated. The bad: The people in Bozeman think they already know everything, not open to great new ideas. The cost of living is very high - if you aren't wealthy you will struggle. Good jobs are hard to get - a few old families seem to control a lot of the opportunity. The economy is based too much on fancy things like million dollar custom homes and snow sports. Getting the City of Bozeman to approve a building permit will drive you crazy, and probably broke. Flying in and out of Bozeman is very expensive. I will retire in the Southeast USA, but I wouldn't mind having a Summer home in Bozeman.

    You better have a great job - 9/26/2009


    Rock Springs, WY

    Bozeman is a beautiful town. There is quite a bit of culture here. There are lots of outdoor activities. I went to college at Montana State and got a good education. However, this town is not a good place to live. For starters, the cost of living is high. Rental in most apartments is what most people pay for house payments in most towns. There is lots of job competition here as college students tend to hang out years after they graduate looking for a job. The traffic here is horrible because there was no planning and the infrastructure was not built for the size population the town has. People here usually drive well under the speed limit. I also might add that people here are some the rudest I have encountered ANYWHERE in the US. Bozeman has a good university. However, if you come here to college be warned the town is very anti-student. You will need to stay on campus to work and live. Businesses will often not hire students and landlords will either not rent to them or treat them like second-class citizens.

    Source(s): College Career Instructor i.e. resumes, job search, interviewing, references I would like to visit one day based upon the beautiful weather and extention array of outdoor activities.
  • Louise
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    5 years ago

    My Son attended Montana State in Bozeman and loved it there. The winters are harsh but the people are great and the scenery is gorgeous

  • Kala
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    9 years ago


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