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How long should the average background check and drug test take?

I got hired at Lowe's recently and they said they'd call back when the drug test and background test pass. I have no criminal history and I don't do drugs why haven't I heard back yet. I've been waiting since Monday when I did the interview.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Below are comments from people, various locations, who interviewed and hired at Lowe's relative to starting time frame after conducting drug and background check. Hope this helps. Check out free website to view comments from people on interviews and employee jobs pros and cons. Good Luck!

    Interviewed Oct 2011 (took 6 days)

    I was called on a Monday and setup an interview with the HR Manager for Wednesday. He asked 6 basic questions and a lot of "What if?" questions. Then I was interview by the Assistant Manager over the front end. She asked me 6 questions as well and the last one was, "Why do you want to work for Lowe's?" The HR called me the next day for a drug test. I drug tested on Friday. He had Sat, Sun, and Monday off so he got back to me that Tuesday to offer the job.

    Interviewed Mar 2012 (took 2 weeks)

    Got a phone call and was invited to schedule an interview with an Assistant Manager and the HR Manager. Met with the AM on a Saturday, the HR Manager on Monday. They mostly asked questions about work history and what I would do in specific situations. They also asked about my history and interest in the specific department I was applying for (no history, but interest, and despite this, they brought me in). I received a phone call Friday confirming that they wanted to pursue me further. She put in for a background check (that took nearly a week). Once it came back though, I went in an hour later to take my drug test. Overall, very happy with the process. Everyone seemed helpful and friendly, and the HR manager in particular seems to really get along well with all the employees I've seen her interact with and though I haven't known her long, she seems to care about me.

    Interviewed Feb 2011 in Schaumburg, IL (took 1+ week)

    I Applied online and got a call from HR couple days later. Interview with HR and Assistant Manager at the same time with the typical customer service situational questions. Above and beyond customer service? Difficult customer? Someone criticized your work? Then I had an interview with Store Manager the next day which is more of a why should I hire you type of process. Called almost a week later to offer position. Background check and employment verification took a long time. They will call every reference, one per employer.

    Interviewed Sep 2011 (took a day)

    I was called for an interview after applying online. From start to finish, the interview process was very professional. I was interviewed by the HR manager, and next by the store manager. It was a detailed, common-sense interview, which provided plenty of opportunities for discussion and additional detail. A drug test followed (cheek swab, in-store), and then I was told to wait while the background check was completed (3-5 days). After that time, I got a call from the HR manager, and was offered the job. After many half-*** interviews with other companies, I was very impressed with the process at Lowes, and look forward to working with them. Yea!

    Source(s): College Career Instructor Free Website: (inteviews and employee reviews at various companies)
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    7 years ago

    The absolutely free background check sites generally provide the most basic of information, such as name, age and address. To get further information, money will have to be paid. The free searches do not provide much more than what can be found through the phone book or personal knowledge. It's impossible to get a free background check.

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    Criminal Records Database:

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    5 years ago

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    7 years ago

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    6 years ago

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    7 years ago

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    7 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    I worked once for Lufthansa Airlines in Denver, and they didn't call me back till 2 weeks after I did my urine test and passed an FBI/CBI finger print background check. So it takes time.

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