Did you know the majority of African Americans originated from West Africa?

Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Benin, Togo etc

FQ: Have you ever wondered what part f west Afrixa your ancestors descended from

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    No, I thought most of them originated in the USA, Most have to go back extremely far to have any ties to Africa.

    Source(s): If you get down to it, we are all "African" seen as how life originated in that general area.
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    I heard that all of mankind originated in/from Africa and all had darker skin. This was a scientific fact too. But I've heard enough about Nigeria, or "Nigerians" Benin, Ghana, & even Togo, to last me a life time...seems like a beautiful place to Rest & Restoration, (R & R), but living there is another story. Those cities are growing fast.

    Source(s): Seems lots of Americas now are getting more on going problems and are aware more; coming from there now, each & every day, it's is a darn shame too, (Americans are not more aware of it all). I don't research any of this, I've encountered plenty & learned plenty from other persons, who know much more than I, but they do comment on this a lot too. So that' my reason for saying it. It's simply true, & can be backed up just going to any American Library reference section now, today, this hour. I got lists of information on stuff myself. Seems even a large amount of the Health Care Workers now working in America have plenty to say also, they "lived in those places before also".
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    8 years ago

    Yes, I did.

    Don't know what an "FQ" is, but, no - considering the fact I'm not Black, I've never wondered what part of Africa my ancestors came from..

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    ALL the Africans who were sold into slavery by their relatives (the descendants of Esau) were taken from West Africa, but West Africa was NOT their original homeland. Their true homeland was South Africa... but due to disobedience to the Laws that were given to them, they were forced out of South Africa by their enemies and migrated upwards to West Africa to live amongst their relatives. BTW their expulsion from South Africa happened decades - probably centuries BEFORE the FIRST Europeans (the Greeks) set foot on African soil.

    If you are a descendant of an African slave DO NOT for one second believe that West Africa is your ancestral homeland, because it isn't.

    Source(s): Book of Remembrance
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    8 years ago

    I come from east Africa

  • 8 years ago

    No I did not, but that is kinda cool.

    Frivolous answer: no because I am not an African American.

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    i always wondered since the horrible conditions diseases and other things, i would like to see how they survived and how close they came to dying or extinction.

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    8 years ago

    Yes and yes.

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    FQ: no

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