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How/Where can I get help with my Asthma medications?

I am 20 years old I am taking the following medications for my asthma.

Ventolin HFA



Albuterol Sulfate

I no longer have insurance and cannot afford the meds I really need to take and sometimes end up only taking what I can afford. Which often leads to me being the the hospital. I am in Indiana and have applied to HIP but I was turned down and am currently on the waiting list. I need my meds and cant afford them I also get food stamps does anyone know of any places I can apply to in order to get my meds with little to no cost and some type of health coverage that I can get so that I am able to see my doctor.

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    contact your doctor's office and tell them that you can't afford the meds. Ask for info on how to get your meds for free from the drug company. It is readily available.

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    Go to a free clinic if you can, or call the nearest one and ask for their advice...

    Please try and contact them, you can't be without your asthma meds.

    You can always ask a pharmacist what is available in your area.

    Good Luck

    ...and please don't respond to any links for pharmacies you might get in an answer, they are expensive and dangerous.

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