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When i typed in zerg rush in google nothing happened?

so i saw this post on 9gag that says to type in serg rush in google and this thing will come out. Nothing happened, but when i did type it up there were blogs that popped out talking about how awesome this game was. what happens and please tell me what it's about cause im just really curious :) thanks

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    You need to type in "zerg rush" on the normal google search bar BUT DON'T DO ANYTHING AFTER YOU TYPE IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the text box below the search bar pop up (the box with terms associated with your search query) and hover over the first term in the box. "I'm Feeling Lucky" should show up when you hover over the first term. The point is to search zerg rush by I'm Feeling Lucky rather than normal Google Search

    Hope this works!

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