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Long list of last names, please?

I am writing a novel, and have the first name of the main character already. Her name is Sage, and the biggest thing about her is that she is always honest. She never lies. Just thought you guys should know, if it helps you with any last name ideas. If you could give me a long list of both middle and last names for Sage, it would be awesome! I normally come up with these things on my own, but I can't think of ANY middle or last names that sound good with Sage being the first name. That's why I turn to you guys and your creative minds :D It's an easy ten points, guys. Thank you!!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Levi Nathaniel

    Jacob Isaac

    Isaac Henry

    Oscar James

    Finn Alexander

    Felix Avery

    Avery Jude

    Leo James

    Liam Oliver

    Jude Avery

    Lloyd Alexander

    Oliver James

    Jackson Avery

    Xavier Nathaniel

    Nathaniel Jude

    Jasper Leo

    Declan Oliver

    Lance Avery

    Lucas James

    Noah James

    Flynn Avery

    Olivia Paige

    Savannah May

    Gabriella Lily

    Leah Grace

    Emilia Grace

    Zoe Madison

    Paige Madeleine

    Grace Olivia

    Ava Grace

    Sophia Claire

    Lily Olivia

    Willow Grace


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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Sage Jewel Pennington-Smith.Sage Crystal Vanderwall.Sage Porchia Varella.Sage Xavier Lannert.

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  • 8 years ago

    Sage is an interesting first name, I like it and I like your character description. I think it really fits. I read a lot of books and the characters names always reflect something about their personalities too I think. I would pair the name Sage with something very feminine like

    Sage Amanda

    Sage Isabella

    Sage Johanna

    Sage Serafina

    Sage Willa

    Sage Virginia

    Sage Mirabelle

    Sage Arabella

    Sage Layla

    Sage Viviana

    For a last name I would use something regal, classic or sophisticated. I can think of: Kendrick, Hamilton, Richardson, Atwater, Connelly, Greenway, Keating, Christianson, Clayton, Perry, Conway, Bridges, Burton, Mason, Willows, Spencer.

    I hope you like some of these! Have fun with your novel!!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    These are just a couple of my favorite last names from my name list. I totally suck at coming up with middle names, so I just won't do any... :)

    • Sage Westernesse

    • Sage Clearwater

    • Sage McEllis

    • Sage Alexander

    • Sage Griffin

    • Sage Anaheim

    • Sage Taylor

    • Sage Evers

    Good luck with your novel!

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  • 8 years ago

    sage Julian

    Sage Esmaralda

    Sage Vivianna

    Sage Kajal(ka-zjaal)

    Sage Lo-anne

    Sage Dania(duh-nee-uh)

    Sage Anthea

    Sage Aimeé

    Sage Julian

    Sage Laria(luh-ree-ah)

    Sage Zaria(za-ree-uh)

    Sage Olivia

    Surenames: Da Silva, Naudé, Spencer, Codier(being my fav. Pronounced ''core-dee-ehr'' to me it goes with Sage well.) Le Roux...

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  • 8 years ago

    Sage Luna Morgan

    Sage Lily Webb

    Sage Prudence Webber

    Sage Donna Webster

    Sage Corrie Rhiley

    Sage Amy Preston

    Sage Dylan Dunstin

    Sage Lola Bradley

    Sage Jane Stevens

    Sage Abigail Weston

    Sage Rachel Astrid

    Sage Laura Hunt

    Sage Sarah Huntley

    Sage Brooke Spears

    Sage Lucinda Tanner

    Sage Charlotte Carrington

    Sage Lois Bronson

    Sage Marli Cooper

    Sage Ashlie Stewart

    Sage Brenda Matthews

    Sage Jessica Zimmers

    Sage Peyton Dawson

    Sage Lucy Donaldson

    Sage Pia Soul

    Sage Gabby Pryce

    Sage Rose Hale

    Sage Greta Abraham

    Sage Natalie Easton

    Sage Noa Ashtyn

    Sage Winter Breeze

    Sage Grace Michaels

    Sage Valerie McKenzie

    Sage Reba Dorber

    Sage Valina Russell

    Sage Dawne Cassia

    Sage Rae Cassidy

    Sage Storm Myles

    Sage Taya Compton

    Sage Milla Tracey

    Sage Mia Spelling

    Sage Charlie Black

    Sage Tia Taylor

    Sage Willa Enony

    Sage Francis Browne

    Sage Bronwyn Carson

    Sage Heather Dexter

    Sage Beth Primrose

    Sage Lacey Smart

    Sage Pauline Dadson

    Sage Nikki Donovan

    Sage Nicole Davidson

    Sage Nina Jacobs

    Sage Ellie Watson

    Sage Kahlia Hooper

    Sage Jeri Jackson

    Sage Monica Harper

    Sage Lila Blue

    Sage Sascha Smith

    Sage Hope Porter

    Sage Nia Thompson

    Sage Molly Zachry

    Sage Noni Jeffery

    Sage Haddie Emmette

    Sage Carmen Emmerson

    Sage Carter Nelson

    Sage Victoria Williams

    Sage Hannah Morris

    Sage Heaven Mathers

    Sage Mae Gracelyn

    Sage Tammy Fergus

    Sage Faye Bixley

    Sage Jazz Parker

    Sage Kaye Patterson

    Sage Lizzie Dolby

    Hope there is something here you like.

    All the best with your novel

    Source(s): Fellow writer
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  • 8 years ago

    Ehrlich is a German surname meaning "Honest"

    Enright also means "Honest"






    MacIonnrachtaigh is a very long, Gaelic surname.


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