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Question about vancouver airport drugstore?

Does anybody know that ENOCH Bee Propolis can be purchased in Vancouver airport drug store? My friend is coming back from Calgary and transferring in Vancouver. I couldn't find it in Calgary when I was there. So, I think my friend may find it in Vanvouver aitport. Please anwser me, he's leaving on the end of May. Thanks!

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    The drug store is in the domestic terminal so if he's flying internationally, he'll need to change terminals, go through security again and such. Better hope he has enough time. Call the store nd ask them:

    1. Vancouver Airport Pharmasave

    Room 1103-8, 3880 Grant McConachie Way

    Richmond, BC

    V7B 0A4

    (604) 303-7033

    If all else fails, buy online.

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