my honda odessey 98 just started with a symtom of turn key dash lights up but doesnt crank?

i can hear clickin inside but thats all. It just started.

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  • 8 years ago
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    First thing I'd suggest you try is test the battery one way you can do this is get a voltage meter connect its lead wires to the proper battery posts.With the key off the battery should be reading a good 12.5 volts and if the battery is really good it will read closer to 12.9 volts.If you get a reading any less voltage then 12.5 volts try boosting the battery or having it tested by a shop or parts store.If you know that the battery is fully charged and working properly , plus you've tried boosting it and still the starter doesn't crank the engine over then check the main relay and the starter solenoid, plus any related wiring.Note the main thick cable that runs to the starter is the main positive feed , the starter may have it's own ground and you may have corroded/rusted connections/posts, also the wire itself can corroded or rot out internally.

    One more test you can do is the starter solenoid will have a ignition wire this will be a lot thinner then the main positive wire and if you ground a test probe's lead negative clamped wire to the battery negative post then touched/lightly pinched the wire with the tip of the probe.Then have someone turn the ignition key to the start position the test probe should be lighting up.If no power is at that wire you know that the ignition switch feed for the starter isn't there.The main relay should be checked and try testing further along the solenoid wire to see if a brake in the wire may exist, also take note to check all the fuses both under the hood and inside the car.You'd also want to test the ignition switch in the start position see if you get power from one of the thick wires coming off the switch, plus you can test for power feeding the fuse/fuses and coming out of them.Note the ignition switch output in the start position will usually directly feed the fuse box and any starter related circuits/fuses etc.

    If you get power at the ignition solenoid wire but still the starter isn't engaging then you need to test the voltage to be sure you're getting the correct voltage.Now if the voltage is fine but still the starter won't engage the solenoid itself could be faulty.Note a faulty solenoid may click and a weak battery or connection etc is causing the solenoid not to get enough power to engage the starter but sometimes you don't even get any click and battery or the solenoid is bad.Note if the ignition solenoid wire is getting the proper voltages check the thickest wire that supplies the starter it's constant voltage.Obviously if this wire isn't getting any power then you know the wire must have a bad connection or it's faulty cable or battery.

    Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way if you check online or go to a part source store you could get free diagrams/schematics for not only the ignition and starter circuits but also you can find free factory service manuals online that will help you to trouble shoot the problem.Here's a link for a 97 and if I recall right most of the circuits will be the same as your 98.

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  • 8 years ago

    battery is dead it has just enough power to light up the lights this happend to my mothers volvo when i left my phone charging in her car

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